Po Shang

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Po Shang

Po Shang is Shan Li’s flagship home that overlooks the village of Huangyankou. The two-story, three bedroom house blends into the contours of the hill on which it is perched. Po Shang tells the story what Shan Li is all about - a retreat that connects a holistic experience of nature, home, and community.

The interiors blend functional minimal with authentic countryside in a way that is down-to-earth and designed to help you unwind and feel at home. Large windows in all rooms naturally merge the interiors with exteriors which provide for surprising spectacular views of hanging cliffs and two watchtowers.

Po Shang has two gardens that set the stage for a front seat indulgence in nature. The main garden on the lower level provides for a large open space with barbeque and can act as a public entertaining area. The second small garden is on the second level in front of one of the bedrooms.



Single beds:1
Kang style beds:1
Amenities:living room, fireplace, bathtub, ceiling fan-system, 2 outside terraces, private garden, barbecue, outside table for 8-10 persons, teapot, oven, stove, microwave, full set of kitchen utensils
Floor plan:
Rate, per night:RMB 4500