Map how to get to Shan Li


Shan Li Retreats is located in Miyun, Beizhuang, Huangyankou. Take the Jing Cheng Express way Exit No. 22 (Sha Tai Lu), turn left after the toll gate and keep following the direction of Beizhuang, which is a town. Once in Beizhuang keep going on the country road into the valley for about 10 kilometers.

Your destination is the village of Huangyankou, which you will recognize once you see the two Great Wall watchtowers on the mountain. Click here to open up a Google Map link. If you have a Careland GPS you can use this following code: 5sc7b9qg0.

京承高速出京,22号高速出口后左转至北庄镇方向进山,延山路大概10公里至 黄岩口村,村子的特点是一片水泥地和两个残长城烽火台。负责人:刘丹:133 013 693 11