Booking policy

1. Houses
We have five types of houses:

House Capacity Rate (RMB) per night
Po Shang 9 persons 4,500.00
Qian Jia 9 persons 3,500.00
Shan Jiao Xia 6+1 persons 2,800.00
Ban Po 2+1 persons 1,500.00
Stone House 2 persons/room 900.00/room

2. Reservation
Please make your reservations for Shan Li Retreats through our website: Reservation through telephone will not be acceptable. We appreciate it if you could make your reservations not later than 15 (fifteen) days prior to your desired check-in date.

3. Deposit and Rent
We will give you written notice by e-mail as soon as we confirm the house you desire to book is available. Upon receiving the notice, you shall pay 5o% (fifty percent) of the rent as a deposit within 3 (three) days. You shall give us immediate notice in writing when delayed payment may happen. Your reservation shall be canceled automatically if you fail to pay the deposit without prior written notice.

The remaining 50% (fifty percent) of the rent shall be paid not later than 3 (three) days prior to your check-in date.
The rent shall be paid in full if your reservation is made less than 5 (five) working days prior to your check-in date.
The deposit/rent shall be transferred to the bank specified in a payment notice we send to you by e-mail. Please send us a written notice by e-mail after processing your payment.

4. Check-in and Check-out
Please check in at 15:00 and check out at 12:00 as per our practices. If you plan to check in earlier or check out later than the schedule set forth here, you shall give notice in writing not later than 5 (five) days prior to your fixed check-in date. However our decision in the matter shall be conclusive.
Checking out after 12:00 without prior notice shall cause extra charge which shall be calculated at the rate of RMB100.00 per hour.

5. Cancelation
If you intend to cancel your initial reservation for Shan Li Retreats after paying the deposit, you shall give notice in writing not later than 14 (fourteen) days prior to your fixed check-in date, the deposit, without any interest, shall be returned to you within 30 (thirty) days upon the receipt of your written notice.

You may forfeit the deposit in the event you do not perform as per the terms and conditions above. However altering your initial reservation can ensure yourself (yourselves) against loss of your deposit. You can make another reservation within 3 (three) months after your initially check-in date, but your new reservation shall be confirmed subject to availability of Shan Li Retreats.

6. Passports and ID cards
Please bring your passports or ID cards with you for inspection documents evidencing the valid legal status to enter into Shan Li Retreats in accordance with the edicts and ordinances of the Government or other competent authority in respect of tenancy security.

7. Deposit for keys
You shall deposit with Shan Li Retreats the sum of RMB500.00 for the keys to the house you rent when you check in. If you return the keys intact at the time you check out, the deposit, without any interest, shall be refunded to you.

8. Extra single bed mattresses
Extra single bed mattresses with linens can be provided at additional cost. RMB150.00/per mattress shall be charged for the service.

9. Barbeque and charcoal
Barbeque grills are available in all gardens of our houses. Charcoal is provided at extra charge of RMB50.00/per bag (about 5kg). Food, meat or ingredients for barbeque are not provided.

10. Food, Drink
Please prepare sufficient food and drink for the period you are staying in Shan Li Retreats because there is no supermarket in the vicinity of the mountain area.

11. Dogs in the village
Although all of the dogs in the village are locked, please keep out of their reach. Some of them are dangerous.