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The houses at Shan Li Retreats are distributed over the small village of Huang Yan Kou, which is located in a valley, not far from to the Great Wall. The area is great for hiking, barbecuing, biking or just relaxing.

Two watchtowers of the Great Wall overlook Huang Yan Kou. These watchtowers can be reached through a 25-minute walk up the hill from the village. There is also a “Hidden Watchtower” about a 1,5 hours walk through the surrounding mountains. To reach this watchtower, a guide is required. (We can provide one for RMB 100.)

The valley’s hiking trek offers 1.5-5 hour walks. Bikes can be borrowed for free for a RMB 100 deposit. There is a small reservoir where fishing can be done. It is not advised to swim in the reservoir.

The Simatai/Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is less than 30 minutes drive away

No. The air and the mountains are the key facilities at Shan Li Retreats.

No. The closest supermarket is in Beizhuang, about 9 km away.

We can provide beer, water and charcoal.

We cooperate with Jenny Lou’s grocery chain. You can order groceries on their website ( and have them delivered directly to you at Shan Li Retreats. Address: Beijing, Miyun County, Bei Zhuang Zhenjiang Jiabao, Village Huang Yan Kou East Jenny Lou’s will charge 200 RMB for the delivery.

No. There is a simple local restaurant in the next village about 3-4 km away. We do offer catering; please contact us for further details!

No. We offer nature and mountains.

Please contact us, and we will see if we can help you.

Yes, we can arrange a guide for trekking in the mountains. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, we have bikes available for adults and kids. The deposit fee is RMB 100 per bike.

Please call Liu Dan (CHINESE) 133 013 693 11, or Henry (ENG, CHINESE) 137 0132 1210